C9 Hotelworks consulting services cover a full range of activities and services within the hospitality industry.

The company’s resources and capabilities can be allocated and directed to meet the special needs of each client in the most cost efficient and effective manner. Our management services are available as a complete package or individually tailored to specific projects or operations.
Each client is kept thoroughly informed through timely individualized reports on all aspects of the nominated activity.

Hospitality Consulting Services Include:

Project Development and Planning

  • Examine and advise on project conceptualized development and operating concepts for hotels/resorts, function areas and food and beverage outlets and other facilities.
  • Offer advisory services on design development and strategic planning.
  • Development coordination service consulting.
  • Financial review and return on investment analysis reports and recommendations.

Brand Management Affiliation

  • Review international hotel operator options and brand alternatives to meet the needs of a specific property.
  • Evaluate each properties characteristics that can determine the most appropriate chain affiliation.
  • Assist in securing branding and marketing alliances.
  • Coordinate contract negotiation for management, or franchise agreements.

Feasibility Studies

  • Provide market analysis and financial studies assessing opportunities, market conditions and trends.
  • Research targeted areas locally and regionally for hospitality and developments to maximize market penetration.

Profit Improvement Assessment

  • Analyse existing operational methodology and practices to seek improvements in management efficiency.
  • Initiate revenue generation programs and profit engineering to improve bottom line performance.

Operational Performance Analysis

  • Preparation of operational and organisational reviews with a view to maximize productivity and profit performance.
  • Appraise, evaluate and report on operational techniques, leadership strategies and management performance to ensure each property achieves its full potential and optimum asset value.

Property Workout / Interim Management

  • Provide short/medium term executive interim management services.
  • Develop workout strategies with comprehensive planning and strategy designed to improve operational viability.

Due Diligence

  • Participation in due diligence teams to advise specifically on hotel operations, manpower and related issues.

Vacation Ownership

  • To provide developers and investors with information and advice who are looking to enter the vacation ownership industry
  • Provide core vacation ownership and fractional ownership consulting services including market analysis, feasibility studies, cash flow models, financial projections, appraisals, industry research and surveys, business strategies and assistance in securing affiliations.

Hospitality Consulting