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C9's asset management services bring rigor and clarity to improve the performance of and relationship between owner and operator parties, ultimately supporting the owner to improve asset value.

With in-depth understanding of the full life cycle of hospitality and real estate assets across categories and standards, we advise our owner clients of the best investment options and work with hotel management companies to guide cash flow management, FF&E and capital expenditure.

The Key Asset Management Activities are:

  • Property Inspections and Owners Meetings
  • Attend hotel operator meetings to review current and forecast results and proposed management plans.
  • Priority issues include key result area variances, actions to address trading shortfalls, sales and marketing issues, manning, capital improvements and legal matters.
  • Annual Business Plan and Asset Strategic Plan
  • Examine and advise the owner on the hotel's annual business plan for key areas of consensus with operator, including establishment of realistic management goals, anticipated returns and consistent strategies to maintain and enhance operational performance.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Advise ownership on existing and potential liability and risk management issues related to the asset such as appropriate legal positions, insurance, environmental issues, labor unions and guest safety.
  • Monthly Operational and Financial Review
  • Review and assess regular monthly management reports and financial statements, with C9 supporting owners with written analysis of the report and measures for proactive follow up between ownership and management.
  • Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Planning
  • Examine and assess CapEx and reserve budget planning, oversee capital and FF&E reserve expenditures.
  • Hotel Management Company Contract Compliance
  • Conduct routine reviews to ensure the hotel management company is in compliance with contractual obligations.
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