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3rd Annual - Thailand Tourism Forum 2014

Author: Bill Barnett. Category: Tourism. Posted: 11th Dec 2013

Lost in Thailand took on a whole new meaning for Brand Thailand in 2013 as Chinese tourists remain in the spotlight as a key driver for Thailand's tourist arrivals. Will the trend continue? As Thailand remains a leading destination on both the regional and global tourism maps what will the year ahead bring?

Is Thailand too focused on mass marketing tourism, can it focus on quality vs. quantity while continuing to keep pace on its own tourism infrastructure and leveraging the efficiencies presented with the advent of AEC 2015?

What's Next? Thailand Tourism Forum - 2014 (TTF) is the country's report card on the state of the industry.

A forum of recognized leading hospitality leaders and experts gather to discuss what challenges and issues lay ahead. This is a unique opportunity to look beyond the numbers at how tourism performance and investment impacts an entire country.

Date: Friday, 24 January 2014

Venue: InterContinental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Ballroom - Level 4

Organizers: American Chamber of Commerce - Thailand (AMCHAM)a and C9 Hotelworks

Registration: Attendance is free. To sign up go to www.amchamthailand.com or contact email [email protected] or telephone 02-254-1041 ext. 212.

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