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Bali Poses For Disruptive Tourism Episode

Author: Bill Barnett. Category: Tourism. Posted: 28th Apr 2015

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This year's buzz term is unabashedly emerging as 'disruptive'.

Starting from technology the trend is now fully hitting tourism square in the face.

Be it currency devaluation, terrorism, big event syndrome or airline disasters, the byword is now fast and furious.

Throw those traditional business plans out the window and turn to Twitter or Facebook.

An event that has one of Asia's leading resort destinations on edge is the imminent execution of two Australians who are coined as part of the Bali Nine.

International media is having a field day and there has been isolated waves of Ban Bali voices from Down Under.

While the Indonesian government is taking a hard and fast stance, tourism is being dragged into the diplomatic fray.

For the quiet and peaceful people of Bali who rely on the hospitality trade as a key economic provider, the wounds are fresh from the fall out of the bombing in the Island of the Gods in 2002 and 2005.

Phuket has had its share of disruptive events with the Asian tsunami and the Bangkok airport closure over the past decade.

Tourism by rights should be a bridge over troubled water, and not held hostage as part of a row between governments.

We can only hope that travelers are able to separate the real issues at hand and continue to cross the great cultural divides that are becoming increasingly complex these days.

Like it or not disruptive tourism looks set to keep newlines buzzing.

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