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Barry King Leaves West Sands Phuket

Category: Real estate, Posted:23 Nov 2009 | 10:12 am

Head of Sales and Marketing for the integrated resort West Sands Phuket Barry King has left the organization. Barry had been a long-term driver of residential sales for the project and is currently taking a break while looking at new opportunities. The development's Water World attraction is set to open in December of this year and currently the project has shelved plans for an Outrigger branded hotel and are pursing operating the existing product on a rental pool basis.

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Phuket Lifts Travel Restrictions For Bangkok Travelers

Category: Tourism, Posted:24 Jan 2021 | 20:35 pm Good news. Phuket province has eased travel restrictions for visitors from Bangkok and Samut Prakan to the island. The move effectively removes the 14-day quarantine period. A key catalyst in the policy change has reportedly been expected high levels of travel during the Chinese New Year period next month. Travelers are still required to use […]
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Go Ahead. Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out

Category: Tourism, Posted:17 Jan 2021 | 06:00 am Close your eyes. Go ahead. Remember a time when you were young. The magic as a kid, taking blankets, sheets, or even boxes and creating a fantastical tent or unique crazed getaway in the house. Letting your imagination go wild and take you on a journey to incredible places. Or pitching a tent in the […]
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Is Thailand Ready For Legalized Gambling?

Category: Tourism, Posted:16 Jan 2021 | 13:38 pm Topping Thailand’s economic news are comments by the Prime Minister that he is willing to consider opening up gambling, according to the Bangkok Post. With the Thai economy struggling at funding an economic recovery process that has been under extreme duress by Covid-19, the question now will the pandemic be an accelerator of a long-lasting […]