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It’s All About The Phuket Sandbox

Category: Tourism, Posted:26 May 2021 | 10:47 am

As the July Phuket Sandbox deadline nears, C9 Hotelworks and Delivering Asia Communications had a talk with the island’s own reopening sandbox champion. Watch the insightful Thailand Road Trip episode below as well as the latest in happenings –

Ready. Steady. Go. Phuket’s Sandbox Champion

Who’s Your Mama. Red Hot & Blue

Good Morning Thailand. Vaccines, Conspiracy Theories and Chinese Tourists

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Manic Monday. No Rain, No Rainbows

Category: Tourism, Posted:20 Sep 2021 | 14:24 pm Rainy days and Mondays are no reason to get down. We have three new Thai Road Trip episodes from C9 Hotelworks and our friends at Delivering Asia Communications for you. Have a seat, throw the umbrella out the window and take a look now. INSIDE STORY Bill Heinecke’s Phuket Resort Home Phuket Hotel Insight – […]
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After The Sandbox – Phuket Hotels Ask What’s Next?

Category: Hotels, Posted:16 Sep 2021 | 09:37 am The resort island of Phuket’s proof of concept Sandbox advantage looks to dramatically change come October. Since the first of July island hotels have experienced considerably higher occupancy levels and much-needed revenue from international arrivals. This has been Sandbox generated, and travelers, not necessarily tourists. Bangkokians fleeing the red zone situation have also aided in […]
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Remembering Florian Hallermann

Category: Hotels, Posted:16 Sep 2021 | 08:56 am We’d like to take a moment to remember Zeavola General Manager Florian Hallermann. Florian tragically died in a hiking accident in Ko Phi Phi. He was a familiar face in Greater Phuket hospitality circles for many years and well-loved in Ko Phi Phi, which was his last posting. Looking back at the start of our […]