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Phuket’s Russian Winter Market Airlift Surge

Category: Tourism, Posted:14 Aug 2022 | 19:39 pm

Direct airlift between Moscow and Phuket will resume with flights starting from 30th October.

National carrier Aeroflot will offer daily service. Currently,  most Russian travelers fly via the Middle East on Emirates, Qatar, or Etihad.

Singapore Airlines previously flew direct to Moscow and connected travelers via a number of flights to Phuket, but suspended services earlier this year.

For Russian travelers, Thailand remains a key destination given the Thai government’s open-door policy to tourism between the two countries.

Another Eastern European market that has direct service is Kazakhstan to Phuket with Air Astana. Uzbekistan Airways last winter operated charter flights from Tashkent and could potentially restart this year.

Phuket hotels are currently busy marketing to Russia for the winter season and roadshows are taking place in September.

Given the unclear picture about China’s return to international travel, Russia looks to be a key focus for island hotels in the remaining months of 2022 and into the next year.

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