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C9 is Asia's recognized market leader for advisory on branded residential projects.

Our specialist expertise and visibility is contained not only to the Asian market however; we bring broad knowledge and research of international industry happenings in this fast evolving arena to support our clients navigate the many options available and establish a successful model of best practice relevant to their project.

While a branded residential model can realize keen benefits to developer, operator and investor alike, the options in this sector also introduce a myriad of new issues that require thorough consideration from the outset and impeccable implementation. C9 services are available to support the owner throughout their development process.

To define some key terms used in industry which differentiate various models in this sector:

Our Residential Planning Services Include:

  • Hotel Residences
  • Real estate sold adjacent and with access to hotel branded services and amenities, such as housekeeping, concierge, food and beverage and wellness. A popular model allowing developers to attain pricing premiums for collaboration with typically prestigious international hotel brands.
  • Condominium Hotels
  • Hotel keys sold to individual investors that are then marketed and managed under a rental management system. This model can unlock for the developer faster profitability, while giving investors title over a specific asset featuring standardized fit-out and peace of mind of its ongoing management, with varied levels of services on-site. Sometimes marketed to investors with guaranteed returns.
  • Vacation Ownership
  • Based on the concept of the developer selling to individual investors set annual increments of usage time at a fully managed property. This philosophy has expanded from access at a single property, into the concept of "vacation residence clubs", offering investors choice to apply their time allocation across a portfolio of affiliated properties in different locations.
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Similar to vacation ownership but instead of time, this model offers developers opportunity to sell a fixed asset divided into set fractions that are then sold separately, for example 20% of a managed residence in which there are total five investors. May be sold with or without usage privileges.
  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Combining hospitality, residential real estate and retail commercial components into an integrated precinct, often with tourism attractions. When carefully planned and expertly implemented and operated, this option can offer the developer a sophisticated model to drive significantly enhanced profitability and income stream beyond stand-alone property models.

At C9 our comprehensive expertise can support developer selection, planning, implementation and management of the appropriate branded residence model for your project. We deliver our services through selection of modular components, or offer a complete package that includes:

  • Market Analysis
  • Conduct detailed analysis on market trends and conditions, forecasting growth and recommendation of potential growth areas/segments offering opportunities specific to the project engagement.
  • Mixed Use Development Planning
  • Identify and research opportunities to develop residential real estate together with hotel/resort and leisure components.
  • Develop product briefs for master planning and large scale tourism projects.
  • Condominium Estate Management Support
  • Assist developers to establish structures that comply with statutory regulations and enhance value for prospective purchasers.
  • Guide establishment of condominium governance and management, supporting estate juristic persons including documentation of deed restrictions, rules and regulations.
  • Evaluate and report on management strategies and forecasting operational expenditures for operational estates.
  • Property Use Planning
  • Guide developers in assessing land use options with products and facilities that meet and anticipate market demands.
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