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Direct Bali Phuket Flights Return in Phuket

Category:Hotels|Tourism, Posted:14 Jun 2024 | 08:15 am India with 11.3% and China on the rise at 5.6%. For more on Bali, read C9 Hotelworks and Horwath HTL latest market report Bali Hotel and Branded Residences CLICK...
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Dusit Ties Up With Layan Verde Phuket Branded Residences

Category:Hotels|Real estate, Posted:26 May 2024 | 16:53 pm ...other projects in Phuket including Layan Green Park and La Green Hotel and Residence. For more on the Phuket Branded Residences Market, read C9 Hotelworks latest report CLICK    ...
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The C9 Sessions – Understanding Thailand’s Hotel License Regime and Procedures for Branded Residences, Condo Hotels, Mixed Use Projects and Vacation Rentals

Category:Hotels|Real estate, Posted:13 May 2024 | 16:39 pm Understanding Thailand’s Branded Residence and Condotel Issues and Challenges Bill Barnett, Managing Director, C9 Hotelworks FAQ’s – Hotel, Condominium, and Land Acts for Mixed Use Projects, Branded Residences, Condo...
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Iconic Spa Brand La Prairie Coming To Phuket With Wellness Resort

Category:Hotels|Tourism, Posted:27 Apr 2024 | 09:22 am ...a first for a full-service resort in Southeast Asia. At Tri Vananda, the wellness branded residences offering has had a redesign and new look that is being launched as well....
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New Phuket Hotel Market Update 2024 Report From C9 Hotelworks

Category:Hotels|Tourism, Posted:17 Apr 2024 | 19:06 pm ...50%, as Phuket’s real estate market has seen land cost skyrocket, an overheated property sector, and a proliferation of branded residences. Many hotel owners and developers have shifted focus from...
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Banyan Tree Brand Coming To Thailand’s Southeast Coast

Category:Hotels, Posted:01 Apr 2024 | 06:59 am One of Thailand’s most stunning coastlines is getting a boost with the first branded property coming to Sichon under the Banyan Tree Brand. Set to be named Banyan Tree Residences...
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Phuket’s Branded Residences Supply Tops USD2.3 Billion, Making Destination Largest Leisure Property Market in the World

Posted:28 Mar 2024 | 09:59 am ...onslaught of overseas buyers transform the island into the largest leisure branded residences real estate market in the world. The current supply of branded properties has now eclipsed a staggering...
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New C9 Hotelworks Report – Phuket Branded Residences Biggest Leisure Supply Globally

Category:Real estate, Posted:26 Mar 2024 | 17:15 pm Branded residences in Phuket have reached an unprecedented supply value of THB80 billion (approximately USD2.3 billion), setting a new historical high. The destination now has the highest value of leisure...
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Phuket Branded Residences Market Review March 2024

Posted:25 Mar 2024 | 09:09 am
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