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THAILAND TOURISM Looking To the Sky For Answers

Category:Tourism, Posted:06 Jun 2020 | 14:54 pm ...In Asia there are many of national legacy carrier disruption. From the Philippines various versions of Philippine Airlines, to Indonesia’s Garuda’s flight bans and onto Malaysia Airlines downsized model. All...

Farm-To-Table Hotels Web Event

Category:Hotels, Posted:05 Jun 2020 | 06:00 am diverse locations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, and Fiji. The event will provide case studies of how to work on concepts, deliver products and also contribute to this...

Maldives – Tourism in the Age of Escapism Web Event

Category:Tourism, Posted:26 May 2020 | 17:25 pm ...Delivering Asia Communications China team director for Delivering Asia Communications based in Shanghai. Research lead of the China Philippines Travel Sentiment Survey 2020. Moderator David Johnson, CEO, Delivering Asia Communications...
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China Philippines Travel Sentiment Survey May 2020

Posted:11 May 2020 | 16:34 pm

Web Event Thursday. Philippines Tourism And Hotels

Category:Hotels|Tourism, Posted:10 May 2020 | 04:31 am The Philippines has transformed itself into a revitalized global tourism destination as part of the iconic ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’ destination brand campaign. As the hotel and tourism...
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How Asia’s Luxury Hotel Branded Residences are Evolving into Investment Grade Real Estate

Posted:30 Mar 2020 | 04:29 am ...prolific real estate locations for upscale through luxury tier hotel branded properties are led by Thailand which represents 29% of incoming supply followed by Philippines and Vietnam. Summarizing the research...

C9 Hotelworks Releases New Asia Branded Residences Update

Category:Real estate, Posted:27 Mar 2020 | 16:19 pm ...over 4,700 units or 29% of incoming supply.  Coming second and third are the Philippines and Vietnam. Looking at locations, 42% are in the fast-emerging urban sector, with 58% being...

Banyan Tree Joint Venture For 17 Myanmar Hotels

Category:Hotels, Posted:17 Mar 2020 | 07:51 am ...operators are opting for joint ventures despite the strategy having a legacy of mixed results. Thailand’s Dusit recently did a deal in the Philippines with Metro Pacific for hotels and residences...
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Asia Hotel Branded Residences Update March 2020

Posted:01 Mar 2020 | 17:38 pm Thailand top market, followed by Vietnam and Philippines